Neurofunctional Acupuncture
treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction with contemporary acupuncture

2019 Dates (New York City):   May 18 & 19 (Lower Limb)   and   June 22 & 23 (Upper Limb)

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For many practitioners the “miracle” treatment remains elusive; the “one-shot” treatment, just a story. Now, by popular demand in New York City, the Neurofunctional Acupuncture approach for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders is being taught by Dan Wunderlich, Licensed Acupuncturist.

Dan is part of an elite team of instructors contracted by the U.S. Military to train battlefield doctors in this EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE method -- these doctors were awestruck by the immediate results delivered by Dan and his fellow instructors using this modern approach to acupuncture.

Created with Dan’s extensive knowledge of East Asian medicine and developed with his teaching experience from McMasters University in Ontario, Canada and the U.S. Military, this workshop series presents an amalgam of the most effective techniques and contemporary approaches to restoring normal nervous system activity, soft-tissue tensional integrity, and articular joint function. Practical sessions will cover neuroanatomical and segmental acupuncture techniques, methods for trigger point deactivation, and corrective myofascial release techniques.

Dan’s clear and highly organized teaching style, along with plenty of hands-on practice, will allow participants to leave the class with a new skill set and an improved ability to identify and effectively treat musculoskeletal problems. Participants will be able to use the techniques and see an improvement in their patient results IMMEDIATELY.

This workshop series provides treatment strategies for using acupuncture to improve function of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems based on a contemporary understanding of neuroanatomy and physiology. The first weekend emphasizes treatment strategies for lower extremity conditions (e.g., lower back, hip, knee and ankle dysfunctions). The second weekend emphasizes treatment strategies for upper extremity conditions (common neck and shoulder problems, lateral elbow pain, median nerve compression syndrome, etc). Each weekend is independent of the other and can be taken in any order.

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Each weekend workshop will include:

  • A functional anatomy review of the extremity – that is, a discussion of the interplay of joints, muscles/soft tissue and nerve innervations needed to achieve or perform a movement or function.

  • A discussion of the neurological mechanisms that can be used to provide a contemporary explanation of the phenomena of acupuncture, including peripheral and spinal segmental stimulation, as well as systemic (central) or visceral regulatory stimulation.

  • Treatment strategies for tailoring the use of multi-segmental electrical acupuncture, such as the use of trigger point deactivation techniques, and corrective myofascial release techniques.

  • Practical workshops to provide participants with hands-on experience to:

    • refine therapeutic goals

    • select appropriate input targets for needling

    • maximize treatment effectiveness

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For each weekend seminar, participants will be granted:

  • 14 NCCAOM PDA's and/or

  • 14 CAB CE's
    (Each Seminar weekend is pending approval by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider Number 1309, for 14 hours of continuing education, Category 1. )

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“I loved the workshop for many reasons: Dan is dynamic, passionate, thorough, clear, informative and he made the workshop a lot of fun.” — M.V., Licensed Acupuncturist

“The clearly presented information in this class will have a profound effect on my acupuncture treatment approach.” — R.H., Licensed Acupuncturist

“Excellent instructor!” — A.M., Licensed Acupuncturist

"The workshop was well organized and Dan was forthcoming with his knowledge and exchange with the group.” — K.C., Licensed Acupuncturist

Dan is a wonderful teacher and presenter. I can’t wait to introduce the protocols into practice!” — B.C., Licensed Acupuncturist

I was not expecting this! I was Wowed!” — J.Z., Licensed Acupuncturist

The handout materials were excellent – thanks!!” — C.L., Licensed Acupuncturist

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